•  Connecticut's Voice for Sustainable Materials Management

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  • Welcome to the Connecticut Recyclers Coalition!

    The CRC is Connecticut’s foremost organization for businesses, municipalities, professionals and citizens involved with recycling, composting and other sustainable materials management practices. CRC's membership includes corporate, municipal, institutional and private members working to advance Connecticut's recycling and materials management programs and services on both the local and state levels.  Formed in 1989, CRC assists members in improving the efficacy of their own programs, educating the community and advocating policies and programs that make recycling more effective, economical and robust throughout the State.


  • The CRC hosted our annual Connecticut Recycling Conference on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at The Aqua Turf Club.

    For more information on this event, visit our conference page HERE

  • CRC's Board of Directors meets every month for regular business. It's members come from diverse backgrounds unified by their goal to advance recycling in Connecticut. All members of the CRC are welcome to attend! 

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  • No Frills Tours No Frills Tours

    Even for a small state like Connecticut, there are a great many recycling and materials management businesses. NFTs provide members with on-site educational and networking opportunities. 

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  • CRC Breakfast Series CRC Breakfast Series

    These informative breakfasts, hosted by CRC quarterly, will focus on current key issues in recycling and materials management, with the goal of increasing understanding, identifying pathways for improvements and networking!

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  • Did You Know?

    Connecticut disposes over 2 million tons of trash and nearly 1 million tons of Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste each year. Of that material, 1.25 million tons, or about 35% of all discarded material, is recycled. Connecticut has a statewide goal to increase the recycling rate from 35% to 60% by 2024.

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