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    Lori Vitagliano, President

    Lori Vitagliano is an environmental government affairs professional with over thirty years of materials management experience. She joined the South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority (RWA) in 1995 as the HazWaste Central Program Coordinator and is currently the Government and Public Relations Specialist for the company. Lori is responsible for the management and operation of HazWaste Central, Connecticut’s first permanent household hazardous waste collection center. 

    Lori has worked on key legislative initiatives, such as Connecticut’s Extended Producer Responsibility paint recycling program and the State Water Plan. Her interest and ability to work on legislative issues lead to her current role as Government and Public Relations Specialist, focusing on government relations while continuing to oversee the operation of the HazWaste Central.  

    She served on various environmental and legislative committees, including the North American Hazardous Materials Management Association, (NAHMMA), the New England NAHMMA Chapter, co-chair of the Connecticut Product Stewardship Council and co-chair of RWA’s United Way campaign. Currently, Lori is serving as a the co-chair for the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee and a legislative tri-chair for the Connecticut Water Works Association.    

    Lori received her BA in Political Science and Master Degree in Business Management from Albertus Magnus College. She also attended the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce Leadership program, and was recognized with the New Haven Business Times Noteworthy Woman award.



    Jennifer Heaton-Jones, Vice President


    CJ May - Treasurer 

    CJ May has worked in recycling and other arenas of sustainable materials management for more than 30 years.   As recycling coordinator for Yale University he planned, implemented and coordinated the school's recycling program for more than 20 years.  He currently works as refuse/recycling coordinator for the City of Waterbury.  CJ is also an environmental presenter and magician, using the tools of magic to educate and inspire the public with messages about recycling and other topics.  He has served as president of the CRC and currently serves as treasurer and board member.  





    Janice Ehlemeyer, Secretary 

    Janice has been involved in waste management since 2005. She now coordinates the efforts of 17 towns in the Lower CT River Valley Council of Governments relating to solid waste management and is trained in Hazardous Waste Site Operations. Janice has been involved in State waste programs and the Connecticut Recyclers Coalition. 

    Other responsibilities at the RiverCOG include transportation planning involving Bike Ped Plan and Safe Routes to School programs; staff for the Regional Agriculture Council including securing two DoA grants for an agriculture website and developing a rental program for no-till farm equipment; working on the Regional Housing Plan and helps to coordinate regional social service programs through the Basic Needs Task Force. 




    April Regan

     April is the Sustainability and Outreach Specialist at USA Hauling & Recycling. In the “sustainability” part of her job, she tracks fleet emissions, solar panel production, and administers the diesel emission reduction program for the company. In her role as outreach, she presents on recycling at community events and creates educational materials for USA’s social media and marketing team. She often works with municipalities and community groups to improve recycling utilizing the RecycleCT framework.

    She previously worked at the Traveler’s Institute, the public policy branch of the Traveler’s Insurance Company, and holds degrees from Saint Anselm College and UConn Law School.





    Fran Brady

    Fran is a retired scientist & businessman who has been involved in the Adhesive Industry for over 37 years at Henkel, a Global Fortune 500 consumer goods company. He spent 15 years as a packaging adhesive chemist where he was granted a total of 6 US and worldwide patents, and specifically one for adhesives based on biodegradable polymers. Fran’s last 22 years were in purchasing where he was responsible for a global spend of over $1B. 

    After retiring from Henkel, Fran formed BYO Madison as a grass roots organization dedicated to reducing the Town’s use of single use plastics. The Town banned the use of plastic checkout bags in late 2019. 

    Fran has a degree in Chemistry from Boston College.


    John Pizzimenti

    John Pizzimenti currently represents Murphy Road Recycling (MRR) on the board of the Connecticut Recyclers Coalition. He is Murphy Road’s Manager of Environmental Services and has been with MRR for over thirty years. Prior to joining Murphy Road, John earned an A.A.S in Marine Science conducting Environmental Impact studies. He worked in printing where he gained valuable knowledge of recycling paper and cardboard, John was elected to the CRC Board in 2017. John’s wealth of knowledge and experience in materials management, practical business savvy and sense of humor make him an asset to the Board and a valuable member of the CRC community.

    Murphy Road Recycling owns and operates several volume reduction facilities that accept municipal solid waste, construction and demolition materials, bulky waste, and recyclables. In total, approximately 60,000 to 90,000 tons are recovered at MRR each year. MRR recovers these materials and produces a variety of products from them, including mulches and decorative landscaping materials, fuel for energy and concrete and asphalt products.

    MRR has a strong commitment to the environment by repurposing discarded materials to bring new life to what would normally be waste, saving on landfill space, energy, and raw materials. MRR’s environmental commitment extends to its fleet of trucks, which is converting to cleaner Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) from diesel fuel. In fact, MRR has CNG filling stations in Hartford, New Haven, Oakville, and East Windsor to better serve its customers while producing less harmful emissions.

    Tom Gaffey

    Thomas P. Gaffey is the Director of Recycling and Enforcement for the Materials Innovation and Recovery Authority (MIRA formerly CRRA). He oversees MIRA’s regional recycling facility, transfer stations, waste flows/fuel needs at MIRA’s waste-to-energy facility, enforcement of contracts and disposal regulations. Mr. Gaffey is certified by the CT Department of Energy and Environment as a Transfer Station/Volume Reduction Facility Operator. During his 32-year career at MIRA/CRRA he has also managed the agency’s government, public affairs and education functions.

    Tom has extensive experience in municipal and state government having previously worked for CT Governor William A. O’Neil as an executive assistant for environmental matters prior to joining CRRA. Tom served in the Connecticut State Senate from 1995 to 2011, where he was Education Committee Chairman and Chief Deputy President Pro Tempore. Prior to that he served on the City of Meriden Planning Commission for eight years and several municipal committees and task forces.

    Tom currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the non-profit, Beat The Street Community Center, which provides athletic, educational, career development and mentoring programs for inner city youth in Meriden, CT.

    As an active member of the CT Recyclers Coalition Board of Directors for the past four years, Tom brings his practical experience from working in the recycling/solid waste industry in addition to his public sector and non-profit work.

    Katherine Bruns 

    Katherine is West Hartford’s first recycling coordinator. She is a native of Washington, D.C. and has lived in West Hartford for over 16 years. Her three children graduated from West Hartford Public Schools. A life-long educator and cross-cultural trainer, Katherine brings her passion for recycling, sustainability and composting to this position. Katherine earned a Master Composter-Recycler Certification in Maryland and a Master Gardener Certification in Connecticut. In addition she has a Masters in International Education. In her free time you can find her swimming in the rivers and hiking the trails of CT, composting, running and cooking.

    West Hartford was forward thinking in its decision to create the Recycling Coordinator position. This position is extremely timely as Connecticut is facing a trash crisis. Katherine is tasked with educating the public about waste reduction and the changing world of recycling. She is also in charge of the roll out of food scrap recycling in every public school in West Hartford. 

    Katherine actively participated in the Connecticut Coalition for Sustainable Materials Management task force. This is a CT DEEP working group focused on reducing the amount of waste produced in the state.



    Louis Rosado Burch

    Sharon Lewis 

    Mike Noel

    Pamela Roach