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  • No Frills Tours

  • As part of its educational program offerings, CRC regularly hosts No Frills Tours (NFTs) that allow members to visit recycling and materials management businesses throughout the state.

    NFTs allow our members to actually see recycling firsthand, increasing their understanding about the opportunities and hurdles associated with sustainable materials management, recycling and reuse markets in Connecticut.

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  • Upcoming Tours Upcoming Tours

  • Past Tours

  • Envipco Envipco

    Environmental Products Company "Envipco" hosted CRC's No Frills Tour on August 29, 2018. Envipco is a reverse vending machine manufacturer with headquarters right here in Naugatuck, Connecticut.

  • Quantum Biopower


    On December 14, 2016, Quantum Biopower hosted CRC members on a tour of its new anaerobic digester facility in Southington, Connecticut. Quantum's facility is the state's first anaerobic digester to use 100% food waste as fuel to create about 1 megawatt of renewable energy, which is enough to power 750 homes per year.

    The facility took more than three years to permit and build and will take in 40,000 tons of food waste per year to produce energy and a nutrient rich fertilizer and mulch product. The facility was built in direct response to the State's food waste diversion mandate, enacted to decrease the amount of food and organic material that ends up in the mixed waste stream. The renewable electricity produced will be sold to the Town of Southington, via Eversource's distribution system, to power several of its government buildings.

    Special thanks to Brian Paganini, VP and Managing Director, and John Ferguson, Project Development, at Quantum for hosting the tour!


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