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  • Why Join?

  • Since its founding, the CRC has continued to provide a broad range of important services to its members and the state as a whole, including:

    Professional Development – through lectures, workshops and its series of “No-Frills Tours”, the CRC delivers the latest and greatest information on programs, technology and materials that make good recycling programs better.  During Covid-19, these programs have been offered FREE of CHARGE to all members. 
    Government Affairs – the CRC serves as both the voice and the eyes for recyclers.   The CRC and its members track legislation and government programs on behalf of membership, sharing it through meetings, email and one-on-one communication.  The CRC also lobbies in Hartford, providing the expert opinions legislators need to pass the best laws.  The CRC and its members played key roles in the passage of legislation for the end-of-life programs for electronics, paint and mattresses.
    Networking - meeting and greeting the private and public players in the world of recycling has always been a great asset of CRC membership. Programs are improved and new partnerships created as businesses, government and citizen organizations meet to establish relationships and ongoing dialogues.


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  • Membership Benefits

    CRC helps its members stay in-the-know by providing information, resources and opportunities about recycling and materials management issues and developments that impact them.

    CRC members receive the following benefits: 

    • Updates on the latest recycling news in Connecticut
    • Opportunities to be involved in key policy decisions and legislation affecting the recycling community
    • Reduced member rates at CRC events, including the Annual CT Recycling Conference
    • Access to networking and professional development opportunities & resources

    Add your voice to Connecticut's call for sustainable recycling and materials management today!